The Twin War Gods of Zuni
The Twin War Gods of Zuni
The Twin War Gods of Zuni
The Twin War Gods of Zuni

The Twin War Gods of Zuni

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In the beginning, primordial Twin Beings were sent to Earth by their father, The Creator/Sun Father and charged with the important task of safe-guarding and cultivating Early Humans into a functional and self-sufficient Society. 

Humans would learn from these benevolent Beings, the Ancient Laws of the Universe.

Enlightened with the sacred Wisdom of Natural Balance and the Importance of Humankind's symbiotic relationship to Nature, Early Humans were shown how to navigate and learn the ways of their New World. 

Blessed with Divine Knowledge, the Twin Beings outlined the Fundamentals of Life.

Thus beginning the start of Zuni Civilization, Zuni Religion and Zuni Culture. 

The Humans came to be known as the A:shiwi/Zuni and the two Beings came to be known as the Twin War Gods of Zuni.

Protectors of the Cosmos and Defenders of Humankind. 

The concept of the Twin War Gods of Zuni Pendant is inspired by my Culture and the Zuni Emergence Story.

The pendant itself is a two dimensional form of a Horned God petroglyph found in the Grand Canyon, a sacred place for the A:shiwi/Zuni.

This same image was depicted on an ancient pottery recovered from an archeological dig at the Ruins of Hawikuh* & later re-imagined by the late Randy Nahohai, a renown Potter from Zuni Pueblo.

*The Horned God petroglyphs are ancient symbols of Power- representative of the Sun Father and his Offspring; this belief is shared by the Pueblo Peoples of the South West. These depictions are also scattered across the vast open desert on rock faces and caves in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Utah.

*Ruins of Hawikuh- The largest Ancient Zuni settlement southwest of current Zuni Pueblo. A prominent village prior to Coronado's arrival in 1540 and abandoned after the Pueblo Revolt in 1680.

The Twin War Gods Pendant is carved of Elk Antler and inlaid with blue Lapis pigment.

Crowned with fiery domestic Parrot down feathers and an eagle feather made of Elk Antler and pinned with Sterling Silver.

Their earrings are made of Red Spiny Oyster Shells.

Their shield is adorn with sacred Predator Animals, in the colors coordinating to their Cardinal Directions*.

-North/Yellow/Mountain Lion




-Zenith/Multi-Color/Eagle: A banner of alternating Turquoise beads and Flint Feathers (iridescent Black Mother of Pearl) to show the Power of their Shield and represent the Cosmos

-Nadir/Black/Shrew: a black Mother of Pearl Hand symbol to represent Mother Earth/Shrew (The shrew is a symbol of Mother Earth)

The older brother (Right) carries a Bow and Arrow. (Copper Bow, Sterling Silver 'string' and Arrow/Bamboo fletching)

The younger brother (Left) carries a Turquoise Bludgeon.  (Kingman Turquoise, Picasso Marble, Sterling Silver)

Their moccasins are detailed with red Pipestone pigment, inlaid with Turquoise and  burnished for contrast.

Strung on glittering faceted black Onyx and Smokey Quartz to represent the Night Sky.

Finished with handmade Sterling Silver toggle and clasp.

Artist: Ray Tsalate

Signed: Tsalate 

About 4 1/2"tall by 3 1/4"wide by 1"long (Center Piece with feathers) 

Strand: 21"long (Overall Length)

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