About Us

Troy Sice & Ray Tsalate at there booth Santa Fe Indian Market 2019

Photo by Gene Peach


Dragonfly's Trail is an innovative endeavor founded by prize winning artists, Troy Sice and Ray Tsalate.

We are dedicated to provide a wide array of authentic Zuni art, branching from Zuni Fetishes, Zuni Fetish Jewelry and Sculpture.

This space was created to feature our diverse works of art and to explore other related ventures unique to our vision.

We are both from the Zuni Pueblo in New Mexico.

Our culture is deeply immersed in tradition and our religion is our way of life.

Fetish carvings are unique to our Pueblo, as A:shiwi (Zuni), have been know for their Fetish Carvings. 

Zuni fetish carvings are small animal carvings made usually of bone or stone that represents the spirit and characteristics of the animal residing in them. Fetish carving has been a long standing ancient tradition dating back 650 A.D.

Our art is inspired by our Tradition, History, Culture and by the experiences in our own lives.

Our work is One Of A Kind! 

Sometimes focused individual artistic inspiration.

Sometimes a collective artistic collaboration between the both of Us. 

Our shared objective is to showcase original works.

With these combined individual talents and our artistic vision, we cannot wait to unveil different projects that we are working on.


Photo by Karen Kuehn


 Troy Sice is a multi-award winning artist with a wide array of ingenious and whimsical Works of Art.

A self taught visionary, best known for his style of original hand carved Elk antler showpieces with elaborate inlay and his execution for Detail. 

He is most noted for pushing the boundaries between Traditional & Contemporary Zuni Fetishes, Fetish Jewelry and Sculpture. 

His collective art catalog spans over 25+ years, consisting of numerous art pieces.

Many of which garnered top award ribbons, including those that have been put in permanent/ private collections by art collectors and highly recognized museums.


Photo by Gene Peach 


  Ray Tsalate is a protege of Troy Sice.

He emerged a multi-award winning artist in his own right, capable of seamlessly tying together Traditional and Contemporary Zuni Fetishes, Fetish Jewelry, and Sculpture.

He has cohesively created a body of work, rich and varied as it is extensive in his young career, those of which include numerous top award ribbons and a Fellowship.

Many of his prize winning pieces are in private permanent collections.

Each Artists has drawn the attention of serious art collectors and publications alike, by receiving several coveted awards from prestigious juried art shows such as the Santa Fe Indian Market, The Heard Museum Art Fair & Market and many others.