Thunder & Lightning
Thunder & Lightning
Thunder & Lightning
Thunder & Lightning
Thunder & Lightning
Thunder & Lightning
Thunder & Lightning
Thunder & Lightning

Thunder & Lightning

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The Forces of Nature, Thunder and Lightning, have always piqued the curiosity of Humanity. Origins of many stories have been told to explain this brilliant manifestation of Power and Energy.

Still, the Enigma remains.

As the sky darkens and clouds gather, it is respectively seen as a good sign from Nature, that our spiritual Ancestors have heard our prayers.

Within this physical and sacred embodiment, they bring forth blessings from the heavens, in the symbolic form of Rain.

In the demonstration of this evidence, the A:shiwi believe this is the culmination of Answered Prayer. 

The Eagle, most Sacred and Chosen animal attributed to the Creator- Sun Father, is Enlightened.

Guardian of the Zenith and a Great Protector, he is summoned upon for his Strength and Power to carry the strongest of Humanity's prayers to the Creator's ear.

The Double-Headed Eagle is a peculiar symbol of Power. Designated for the Creator and his sons, the Sacred Warrior Twins; it symbolizes their dominion over the Cosmos and most importantly, our Spiritual & Natural World. It also represents Wisdom; Past, Present & Future

When the World was New, the Twin Warriors were sent to Earth. Assigned by their Father, the Creator, and tasked to be Eternal Guides for his Creation. As people emerged forth from the sanctuary of Mother Earth, they were without Knowledge, as children first are. So thus, the Twin gods educated and protected them from the Natural Evils of their newly created World. To help with this great undertaking, the Creator gifted his sons with special prayers and armaments with unyielding Power to help Human Kind embrace their Humanity, aid in the Development of Civilization and Find their Beginning...

...the Story Continues....


Thunder and Lightning is the artists' concept representing the wise Warrior Twins. This stunning piece is exceptionally detailed.

This beautiful hand carved Elk antler piece, showcases Twin Warrior Eagles wielding a copper bolt of lightning in the form of a Feathered Serpent** and carrying an embellished, Protective Warrior Shield.

The copper Lightning Bolt represented here is depicted as a symbol of Purity and Resurgence of Vitality.

*** The Serpent, Rawest of all Animal Forms, is used to to aid in Life and Healing.

The Protective Warrior Shield with Sterling Silver finishing, is adorn with:

-A Sun (represents Day; Gold Mother of Pearl)

-A  Bear (represents Strength; Kingman Turquoise)

-A tassel of Horse Hair (used to show Physical Strength and Virtue)

-A Moon (represents Night; Abalone Shell)

-A streamer of Buckskin (For impenetrable Protection)

-A Blue Lapis Feather and a Red Spiny Oyster Feather (Colors Representing the Twins, also the Morning and Evening Star, marking their designated places beside their Father, the Sun.)

-A banner of Knife-Wing's*** Feathers (To ward off Unseen & Un-Natural Forces; Mother of Pearl Feathers) and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise nuggets ( Natures gifts to Humanity, to be given as offerings to the gods; added to cornmeal to be used during prayer and benediction.)

***Knife-Wing - A benevolent Warrior deity revered by the A:shiwi. He is believed to have impervious wings of Flint and he represents Protection. (In this case, his feathers.)

Each piece is inlaid with Mediterranean Coral and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise.

Red Pipe Stone, Black Jet, Blue Lapis and Yellow pigments are used to highlight details on the necklace, woven belt and eagle embroidery on their fringed kilt.

Lapis Blue Buttons add finishing touches to their burnished moccasins.

Each Raptor is plumed in feathers of their scared colors, giving them the air of Superiority and conveying their Dignified Status.

Burnish feathers give great contrast against the light colored antler and calls attention to the feather detail on this Duo.

From their piercing Gold Mother of Pearl eyes, to beautifully inlaid layered necklaces and their burnish detailed moccasins, rest assured this beautiful piece will be the focal point of your collection. 

Signed: Ray Tsalate

About 4 3/4"tall (with Feathers) by 3 1/2"wide by 4" long

Item# 1100