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Watery Abalone Earrings
Watery Abalone Earrings

Watery Abalone Earrings

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Abalone "sea snails" are a type of marine gastropod mollusk that typically occur in the temperate and tropical seas of New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, North America and Japan. Varying in size from an inch to a foot and have an ear-shaped shell. Very iridescent shell. 

Many Indigenous peoples have been using shell and coral from the sea for thousands of years. Today it is still being used. 

A nice simple shaped pair of iridescent abalone shell earrings. Sterling Silver bails with French hook findings. 

Artist: Troy Sice 

Signed: Troy Sice Zuni copyright 2022 2/7/2022

About: 1 5/8"tall (with hook) by 3/4"wide by 1/4"long

Item# 1280