Sly Hunter
Sly Hunter
Sly Hunter
Sly Hunter
Sly Hunter

Sly Hunter

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A resourceful survivalist, Coyote relies on Intelligence for his ability to Hunt. He is known to stalk and pounce small prey & hunt in packs for larger prey. A true trickster, Coyote is cunning and crafty. He shows us that Life, just like the Hunt, is unpredictable and unexpected occurrences can be viewed as Opportunities.

A hand carved Elk Antler fetish. Simple and traditional with inlaid Sleeping Beauty eyes.. Adorn with a purple naturally oxidized Gold Mother of Pearl* arrow point. Bound with a bundle of Australian Opal and Tulcum Heishe as an offering to the animal spirit residing within the Fetish.

-*Traditionally Mother of Pearl has a gold luster, in cases of natural oxidization the gold luster takes on other shades of color; Pink/Purple/Grey/Brown

Artist: Ray Tsalate

Signed: Tsalate Zuni 12/23/2022

About: 1 1/4"tall x 1"wide x 2 5/8"long

Item# 1329