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Olla Maiden Pendant
Olla Maiden Pendant
Olla Maiden Pendant
Olla Maiden Pendant
Olla Maiden Pendant

Olla Maiden Pendant

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In the old days before water plumbing and electricity were available, Zuni women collected water in water jars from nearby springs. They would balance and carry the water jars on top of their heads back to the village. It is only till the early 1920's or so, that a few Zuni women started using their skills and ability to balance fragile water jars or ollas on their heads for song and dance. 

An Elk Antler pendant carving of a Zuni water jar carrier maiden. Her Olla is inlaid with Fox Turquoise, Mediterranean Coral and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise with Black Jet pigment in the pottery design. Finished with a Sterling Silver bale on top. Her eyes are of Black Jet pigment with a Mediterranean Coral mouth. The double necklace is inlaid with grade lapis, Fox Turquoise and Mediterranean Coral. Her woven belt and shawl are inlaid with Light Green Serpentine, Fox Turquoise, Mediterranean Coral with pigments of Pipe-Stone, lapis, Black Jet and Green Serpentine. The moccasins have Sleeping Beauty Turquoise buttons with the soles burnished for detail. 

Artist: Troy Sice

Signed: Troy Sice Zuni copyright 2022 2/7/2022 8 P.M.

About: 2 3/8"tall by 3/4"wide by 5/8"long

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